Charlamagne has a real talent for pissing people off on the regular, and can do it just by asking simple questions on Twitter.  New York Knicks star J.R. Smith posted a picture of loads of Trukfit clothing that Lil Wayne blessed him with, and Charlamagne responded by asking, "What did you do to get it?"  He then followed that up by trying to crack a joke about Trukfit, but J.R. wasn't having it.  Charlamagne went a little too far for J.R. when he tweeted:

"You know the rule you can't post any pics of Trukfit without showing the receipt are we will just assume you sucked d**k for it."

J.R. immediately took those words as disrespect and let Charlamange know he needs to chill.  He even let him know that every time he sees Charlamagne he's going to smack him, with Charlamagne responding that he'll sue him if he does.

Check out the full Twitter beef above.