2012 has been a great year for battle rap world wide.  There have been loads of epic lyrical clashes that have taken place over multiple battle leagues, however Smack/URL put forth a huge variety of top notch classic battles throughout the year.  VladTV put up a Top 30 Smack Battles of 2012 list not too long ago, and now battle rappers DNA and Conceited have put together a list of their own, highlighting what they feel were the top battles of the year.

Every battle that they listed appeared on the VladTV top 30 Smack Battles of 2012 list, except for the last one DNA mentioned (DNA vs Eurgh) however they did didn't put any specific order to the battles they named, so you are free to comment and order them as you please.  As they stated in their video, if you feel as though any other battles, Smack or otherwise, should be on this list, by all means share your input.