At this point it seems like rumors of Beyonce's pregnancy will never go away. Case in point- the women on "Tiny Tonight" began debating over the nearly year-old question of whether Beyonce's bump was fake. Tamar Braxton along with guests, rapper Trina and TV personality Claudia Jordan discussed the situation, with the "Braxton Family Values" star claiming it was fake.

"I don't think she was pregnant. The deflated stomach thing. I watched the video and I don't know. She sat down and she looked up like "OH SHI*!!"

On the other side of the argument was Tiny, who said she was convinced when she hugged Beyonce at a concert.

"I touched her belly. I was at the Jay Z and Kanye show and greeted her. I gave her a hug and she did have a belly there. I wasn't even thinking about the whole fake baby bump thing. I felt a hard ball there."

Trina also chimed in, calling Tamar "delusional" for believing Beyonce's baby bump was fake.

The following day Tamar took to Twitter to explain that she wasn't saying that Beyonce's pregnancy was fake, she was just talking about the now-infamous video of her "deflating" bump.

"Never said Beyoncé faked her pregnancy! ! That was claudia's Ass! I was talking about the video that came out this year so _/ and rewind"