During a 2011 shooting in Charlotte, North Carolina, security guards assigned to rapper Waka Flocka opened fire on a group of men assumed to be attempting a robbery. One of the men, Antonio Stukes, suffered an injury from the ordeal as he took a bullet to the shoulder. He ultimately sued Waka's management, Mizay Entertainment, and they've been ordered to pay him $501,000.

Last month, Antonio Stukes was suspected of robbery in a separate case and is currently locked up on charges stemming from prior incidents. He was awarded compensatory and punitive damages after winning his lawsuit against Waka Flocka's management.

"The jury came down in our favor and really hit them hard," his lawyer, Adam Seifer said. "The facts that were in the evidence showed they essentially shot at my client without provocation."

Members of Waka's team were arrested for their role in the shooting, but prosecutors dropped the charges in May of 2011 after eye witnesses were unable to point out who was responsible for the shooting.

Source: hiphopdx.com