Katt Williams continued his bizarre tour in Kansas City recently, but decided not to show up. Instead, Williams was in Southern California partying at Power 106's Cali Christmas Concert with Suge Knight.

Fans in Kansas City waited until 15 minutes before showtime, and only then were they notified that Williams wouldn't be there. HipHopWired caught Williams for a quick interview, in which Katt said, "I've been in "Scary Movie 5," about two weeks ago."

So Williams will apparently appear in Scary Movie 5, but when asked what else he had in store for 2013, he answered, "2013 is coming up for 2013. It starts in January and ends in December. I haven't decided to tell you yet."

"Scary Movie 5" will feature Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen, Mike Tyson, and Angie Stone.

Source: hiphopwired.com