During the late 90's, Ma$e was one of the more prolific rappers in the game and his time spent with Bad Boy Records was the highlight of his rap career. He closed out that point in time by having differences with Jay-Z and other members of Roc-A-Fella Records, and while many felt the two were just sizing each other up, Ma$e reveals what their issues were really about. While on on MTV's "Rap Fix Live" recently, Ma$e stated that a woman by the name of Arion came between the two artists.

"It was a girl, she liked me. We did whatever we did. And it was somebody's girlfriend that was in [Jay-Z's] crew," he told Sway. "So then, me and Dame get into it. Dame wanna box with me, I tell him, 'Let's box.' We didn't end up boxing, everybody broke it up on 125th. I guess Jay inherited it because me and him never really had a problem," he added. "He said something, I said something back and that was about it."

The issues between Jay and Ma$e were never blown out of proportion, but it did result in a few subliminal being exchanged between the two on some older tracks. What are your thoughts on Ma$e's revelation?

Source: xxlmag.com