Detroit rapper Big Sean has had a successful 2012 and he'll be looking to carry over that success into the new year as he'll be releasing his second studio album, "Hall Of Fame", in 2013. Before performing at Power 106's "Cali Christmas", the G.O.O.D. Music artist spoke with Rap-Up about his next single, the guest features on his sophomore LP, and wanting to have a much stronger impact with his new album than he did with his "Finally Famous" debut. 

"A lot of the album has that same touch, taste, and tone, just being super inspirational, super intellectual, and of course it's still got bangers on there too," he said. "It's like an emotional roller coaster. You happy, hype as hell, sad as hell, real shit, motivational shit. It's a great body of work, so I'm excited about it."

Sean says his next single is going to be extremely different from "Guap" and something much more on the serious side.

"It's gonna be completely different from 'Guap' or any of the mixtape stuff. It's gonna be something very serious. It's really what I wanted to be the first single."

Sean closed out by saying he wants his new album to have a lasting impact on fans the same way those who came before him did. 

"A lot of my songs, even with my first album, they didn't really teach too much. It had some meaningful stuff on there, but I didn't get a chance to teach," he explained. "If you look at people like Bob Marley or even Tupac or 'Ye and Jay, they've taught in their own ways. I want to make sure I teach and leave a legacy."