The Guardian sat down with Frank Ocean for an intimate interview on the process he uses in order to make his Grammy nominated music.  While explaining the many components which go into making a song, Frank revealed some shocking information that probably no one would've seen coming - he actually told the Guardian that he might be considering never making another album again!  

Frank stated:

"...But storytelling's a different thing. Like I said, it's the more interesting part about making music for me, or making albums and songs and stuff. So much so that I might not make another album. I might just write a novel next. I don't know!"

He was then asked why he was in the studio recently if he doesn't plan on making another album, and whether or not Channel Orange could actually be the last album he ever makes.

"Yeah, but I was working on another artist. I wasn't working on me.  It (Channel Orange) could be. It could be it, if I flew next week and my plane crashed! It could be it if somebody walked along and shot me for my bracelet or something. It could always be it. The idea of recognising your strengths and using them in as versatile a way as you can is cool to me. I don't ever want to be caught up in a system of thinking I can do one thing cos that's just ... that's just telling yourself a lie. But I do like to sing. I play piano every day. I enjoy that."

If Frank really does choose to never make another album, Channel Orange would definitely be a great last record for fans to remember his talents by.