A Dutch singer claiming to have been stiffed on 14 different tracks she's worked on with Wu-Tang producer RZA wants her dolla dolla bills.

Thea Van Siejaen, who is most well known for her vocals on RZA's song "Baby Boy" from the movie "Unleashed", is demanding payment for all the work she's done with the famed producer. The singer claims she was frightened to stand up to RZA since he could easily blackball her from the industry, but now she's found the courage.

Sources close to RZA are vehemently denying the allegations, saying, "Unfortunately this is a groundless lawsuit by someone RZA had helped get off the streets, lent a helping hand to, and now thinks he's an easy target to mark looking for money."

The amount TVS is suing for was not specified.

Source: tmz.com