At an Odd Future show back in December 8th in San Antonio, an unwise fan jumped on stage uninvited and paid for it with a whooping. The rowdy rap group was performing at the White Rabbit when the fan jumped up on stage during their performance, only to allegedly get thrown right back by Hodgy Beats. The crowd forced the fan back onto the stage, where he was basically beat down by the rest of the group.

Chassan Rasagi, the angered fan, actually went to the police and filed a report following the show. He reportedly left with lacerations on his head, as well as scratches and burns on his body. He is also claiming he had two seizures.

Now, Rasagi plans to sue the group for the incident. Still, the Odd Future crew didn't let it bother them at the San Antonio show. After Left Brain aimed some expletives at the kid, they went right back into a high octane performance of "B***h Suck D**k."

Check out a video of the melee above.