Bow Wow recently sat down for an interview with Sway in the Morning, where he claims he lost his virginity to Esther Baxter at 16. When news got around to Esther, the buxom model went off on Twitter, completely refuting Bow Wow's claims.

"Do I REALLY have to respond to this sh*t!?! people believe the SILLIEST sh*t!!! Lmao! I thought this sh*t was a joke...but Lil homie ACTUALLY said that sh*t."

Esther continued, N*gga really shot for the stars with that one!!! Couldn't think of anyone else huh!?! It's cool I know times are hard right now but u should've at least let me know so we could BOTH benefit. Losing your virginity to EB at 16...damn...that's a ballerific fantasy bro."

Read more of what Esther had to say to Bow Wow in the above slide: