Back in August of this year, singer Trey Songz made an appearance at a gentleman's club in New York City to celebrate the release of an album at the time, but soon found himself involved in an altercation with a female performer in the club. As Trey was "making it rain", the female worker suffered an injury to her left eye.

Law enforcement on the scene described the criminal complaint as: "Tremaine Neverson, did throw a sum of United States currency at the complainant and said sum of United States currency struck the complainant's left eye causing substantial pain to her left eye."

Trey wasn't arrested on that night of August 21st when the incident occurred, but instead he was apprehended a month later for misdemeanor assault. Songz made a court appearance in early November and it's been reported that the judge issued an order of protection. His next court showing is scheduled for February of next year.