Trinidad James might be on top of the world right now after hijacking the airwaves with his single "All Gold Everything" and now signing a $2 million deal with Def Jam--but not everyone is happy about it.

The Atlanta rapper has been criticized for being more about his appearance than his lyrics, and some are shaking their head at Def Jam's decision to sign James.

Q-Tip tweeted, "Yo @DefJamRecords brass! remember your BRAND! And what @UncleRush n co put out. Please! Don't be short sighted."

Rap Radar's Elliot Wilson gave his opinion on the matter as well. "James has been rapping for less than a year so obviously he lacks the experience of most rappers out now," said Wilson. "At this point, Trinidad James' imagery overshadows his artistry. The question is, is he going to put in the work to become a better artist? His hooks are strong but his bars are still very average at best."

Trinidad's manager Fly defended his artist, saying, "Trinidad started rapping last year and then began taking it seriously. People are entitled to their own opinion, everything is not for everybody. Trinidad has his own lane."