It looks like the Wu-Tang Clan is for the children after all - or at least GZA is. The Genius is teaming up with Columbia University professor Christopher Emdin to start a program called "Science Genius Battles," which combines science and hip hop in order to reach New York City's schoolchildren.

On Wednesday, GZA stood at a podium and explained the program to a crowd of professors at Columbia Teachers College.

"I am here not as a teacher, nor expert, not Genius, but I'm here as a science enthusiast who wants to inspire New York City public high school students to get excited about biology, chemistry and physics," said GZA.

Professor Emdin, who wrote a book called "Urban Science Education For The Hip Hop Generation," is heading the program which will premiere in 10 different schools struggling in the sciences. Instead of writing papers, the kids get to write their own science-based 16s to challenge other students. The best verse will apparently be posted on the site "Rap Genius."

GZA kicked a rhyme at the meeting just to show everyone what he was talking about. "Everything we see around us: the sun, the moon, the stars, the millions of worlds that astound us," GZA spit. "The universe in size is hard to fathom. It was composed in a region small as a single atom."