During Asher Roth's interview with Bootleg Kev, he expressed his feelings on the control that major labels have over many artists and how they minimize the level of freedom that artists have in expressing themselves through music.  He commended people like Kendrick Lamar for finding fame through an independent movement, and believes that independence in the industry will help the music industry as a whole.  

"All I want to say is, myself, these cats and everybody watching this stuff, I think we've seen the recent success of just kinda doing it yourself, believing in yourself and believing in good people. With that being said, it's great for me to sit back and see cats like Kids These Days...and Chuck [Inglish] and that sticking to what you really believe in paying off and getting that reinforcement from the fans. Look at Kendrick [Lamar], Macklemore – these are perfect examples of people who stick to what they believe in...and people are showing up now [to support]. That's huge for artists like us...we have a problem with authority and it was bummer when people were trying to control what we do for so long, and now it's just great for a lot of artists and fans.

"To me, when I first came, everything happened so fast, I was too dependent to a fault. Being on a major label – unless you're activated and you're like – if you're Rihanna [or] Justin Bieber, you're good, you have all the resources in the world. But otherwise, you're independent."

Source: xxlmag.com