D12 member Bizarre has made his obsession with Nicki Minaj known to the world, after releasing the song "Hey Nicki" and getting the Young Money star tatted on him. SOHH recently reached out to fellow D12 member Kuniva and asked him about Bizarre's love for Nicki.

"Man, I'm going off of what you guys are seeing, [laughs]," Kuniva told SOHH. "He got the tattoo, he got the songs, he does those crazy a** tweets to her, so, my guess is as good as yours. That's why his name is f***ing Bizarre. That's what he's doing. I don't understand it but I guess it's not for a normal person to understand. He's a crazy person. I'm not going to pick his f***ing brain but all I know is she better heighten up her security if she ever comes to Detroit. [laughs]"

Source: sohh.com