On Wednesday night, former NBA star Antoine Walker sat down with TJ Holmes on BET's "Don't Sleep!" program. He spoke on a few interesting topics, including his well-documented financial issues as well as his 10-year relationship with "Basketball Wives" star Evelyn Lozada. Walker, a veteran of the NBA, made up to $100 million during the course of his extensive professional career but managed to lose it all. 

When speaking on how he lost the bulk of his fortune, Walker cited bad real estate deals and the recession.

"I put most of my money into the real estate market and investments. I wanted that advice. In the beginning it seemed good to me. In 2004, the market was doing very, very well. I was able to make a lot of money then off of it and we just continued to do more and more. Then obviously everybody knows in 2007-2008 the recession happened. I was the personal guarantor of seven companies, and we borrowed money from seven different banks. That's where the bulk of my losses come from."

Walker had a lengthy relationship with Evelyn Lozada during the prime of his career and says during their 10 years together, he spent millions of dollars on her.

"She lived a very good lifestyle. I was with Evelyn for 10 years.[...] Some millions. When you are with someone you are giving them cash. They aren't taking taxes out of that. That's a big difference. But she was with me, we were together. Obviously, I was taking care of her and her daughter."

Source: necolebitchie.com