It was recently reported that former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens was looking for a possible roster spot on the Los Angeles Clippers, as the team's superstar power forward Blake Griffin revealed on the Dan Patrick Show that Owens begged Clippers management for a 10-day contract. Owens is now refuting Griffin's statement, claiming that Blake was just joking.

A representative for Terrell Owens spoke with TMZ briefly and cleared up the situation.

"Blake and Terrell are friends. Terrell never begged to become a Clipper. As everyone knows, [Terrell] can play a serious game of ball."

Griffin claimed that T.O. made several appearances at the Clippers' practice facility during the summertime. Owens' rep confirmed that Terrell was present, but only because the team's head trainer, Jasen Powell, is a really good friend of his.