2012 has been an epic year for battle rap as a whole.  The genre has really taken strides towards gaining international recognition thanks to the battle contributions put forth from leagues all over the world. Above all, Smack/URL has really brought new life to battle rap this year and deserves its due credit.  Aside from Summer Madness 2, which was a truly historical event in battle rap history, there have been loads of other Smack battles that have become instant classics. 

Many up-and-coming battle rappers' careers were elevated as so many new faces competed in epic lyrical exchanges.  Even though the most recent, end of the year Smack/URL battle event, Armageddon, was cancelled, there have still been far more victories for battle rap as a whole that have taken place on Smack, and these battles listed should provide positive vibes for battle rap in the upcoming year.

Now to clarify - this list is not a "Top 30 Rap Battles of 2012 From Every League" list.  Nor is it a "Top 30 Battles Of All Time" list.  Instead, it is only focusing on the Smack battles that have taken place over the course of 2012.  There are a number of Poison Pen TV battles that found their way onto this list, not only because they are great, but also because they fit the criteria, being Smack affiliated.

The battles on this list have been judged by not only the quality of the bars, but also the stage presence, energy, aggression, rebuttals, dominant performances, back-and-forth close battles, and overall entertainment value.  

Also, there are three battles listed on the list that have yet to be released to the public:  Jaz vs QB, Tsu Surf vs Conceited, and JC vs Yung Ill.  I personally saw Jaz vs QB and know it is definitely worthy of being listed as one of the top Smack battles of 2012, and after speaking to various battle rap individuals who were present at the recent Armageddon event before it got shut down and then relocated, I feel comfortable putting JC vs Yung Ill and Tsu Surf vs Conceited on this list as well.  

Since the footage has yet to be released, I am putting those battles at the bottom of the list for now.  When the footage does come out, please feel free to comment by stating the number you'd list them as, or if you'd take them off altogether.

If you have any issues with this list, if you feel some Smack battles were left off that should be put on, or if you would order the battles differently, please feel free to comment, or hit me up directly on Twitter: @Hughes1128.