In the weeks leading up to the release of his "Jesus Piece" album, Game has been scolded for the LP's controversial cover art. Many were appalled by the thought of Jesus Christ being portrayed in the manner in which he was, but Game has revealed an interesting note about the album's artwork. In a recent interview, the West Coast rapper explained that the image was not of Jesus but of Rick James "in Jesus' clothes."

"I'm a big fan of Rick James," Game said in a sit down with Hartford's 93.7 radio station. "I thought I would put him on my album cover and put a rag around his neck and put him in Jesus's clothes. Everybody thinks that's Jesus but that's Rick James. Why are you offended?"

Game, who is no stranger to controversy, continued to further explain his revelation.

"You've never seen Jesus. You cant say that's not Jesus. You've never seen Jesus. You know why I put the rag on his face, because I didn't want anyone saying I put Jesus on the cover of the album, so I covered his face. That's not Jesus, that's Rick James with a rag on."

Knowing this new information, have your views of Game's album cover changed in any way?