Former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens hasn't had the greatest year in 2012 to say the least. He was given a chance to play for the Seattle Seahawks this NFL season after impressing the coaching staff in training camp, but he was released by the team just before the start of the regular season. Owens hasn't been able to sign with a new team since. His on-going child support issues continue to weigh on him as well and now it's been reported that he attempted to sign a contract with an NBA team.

Los Angeles Clippers power forward Blake Griffin recently revealed that during the summertime, Owens pleaded with coaches of the Clippers organization to sign him to a roster spot.

"Terrell Owens is always — he was at our practice facility this summer, begging coaches for a 10-day contract," Griffin said on the Dan Patrick Show according to NBC Sports.

Terrell Owens, to his credit, is an all-around athlete and a rather decent basketball player. In addition to football, he played for his college basketball team at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and has participated in several celebrity games for NBA All Star Weekend. But Owens is 39-years-old and it remains unknown how much he'd be able to contribute to any team, especially after he was released from an Indoor Football League team earlier this year as well.

Do you think Terrell Owens has what it takes to be effective in any professional sports league at this point in his life?