was live at the recently shut down Smack/URL Armageddon event, and spoke to numerous URL battle rappers about their thoughts on Meek Mill actually wanting to step in the ring, as well as mainstream rappers in general lacking the heart and skill to step up and battle them.  Dizaster, DNA, Calicoe, Math Hoffa, Young Ill, X Factor, Tsu Surf, Conceited, and even Mr. Smack White himself all provided their insight on the topic.  

They all for the most part feel as though it would be beneficial for hip-hop as a whole to have mainstream rappers step in the ring with them, although they all pretty much share the same point of view, in that mainstream rappers can't do what they do with the same level of skill and execution when it comes to battling in front of a live crowd.

Do you think mainstream rappers would get eaten alive if they stepped in the battle ring, the same way Canibus got Ethered by Dizaster?