After footage leaked of an 18-year-old Tyga acting very much like a "busta" on the un-aired MTV show, "Bustas," people began clowning him badly for his embarrassing actions in front of the camera. On the show, he went so far as to state that he didn't have a hard life growing up, that he lives in the Valley and that his parents "have a Range Rover".  He also revealed how he got his name, which didn't have a hard story behind it, but rather his mother used to call him Tyga because he "looked like Tiger Woods".  

Back in those days, he probably didn't envision his career would blow up as much as it has, nor did he think of the possible damage this footage would do to the overall level of respect he gets in the game.  He's now come forward, according to TMZ, and claimed that he lied on the TV show to make himself sound like he had a better life than really was the case.  Tyga is now saying that he really did grow up in Compton, CA and that the time he lived in the Valley was only for a very short period of his life.

Tyga isn't worried about the video damaging his career because "he still has plenty of money and will still have huge hits."  YMCMB is also standing behind him during this comical time.