Just last week, the Los Angeles Police Department released the autopsy of Christopher "Biggie Smalls" Wallace. As previously stated, the report detailed he various areas of Biggie's body where the late great was shot. The LAPD stated that they released the autopsy in an attempt to gather more information on the unsolved murder case, but an attorney for the Notorious B.I.G. didn't buy their story and was furious at them for releasing the details.

Now the LAPD has issued an apology to the family of Christopher Wallace, claiming there was an error on the behalf on personnel. The statement reads:

"Due to an administrative error, the autopsy report was released prematurely. Robbery-Homicide Division detectives had intended to notify Mr. Wallace's family prior to releasing the report. Our detectives personally spoke with the Wallace family [Friday] night, and apologized for not notifying them prior to the release" said Capt. Billy Hayes, who heads the Robbery-Homicide Division, which is investigating the killing.

"Obviously this has been a challenging case for us to solve. We hope that witnesses or other people with information will come forward and give us the clues we need to solve this case."

It's also been reported that the Wallace family is in the process of filing a lawsuit.

Source: thesource.com