Sean "Diddy" Combs has another major business venture he's about to tackle and hopefully conquer; he recently linked up with Macy's and the Recom Group to create and design a shawl-collared fleece sweater which features a windowed pouch on the sleeve that carries a 2.8-inch high definition screen.  This digital installment has a 10-hour battery life and 2GB of memory, and anyone who purchases this technologically enhanced piece of clothing has the option of choosing exactly what video content they want to upload onto it.

If people don't feel like having video content literally chilling on their sleeve at all times, they can purchase the sweater without the screen for $98, while the full digital screen package costs $223.  The CEO of Recom Group, Rob Norden, commented on the new clothing creation:

"Our technology allows us to put video screens just about anywhere. Video screens are an integral part of our lives from our phones to our homes. Clothing was a natural extension. We love what Sean John has created to embrace this new fashion accessory."

Macy's also released the following statement about their high expectations for the sweater, and why people should purchase it:

"While investigating the latest trends at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, we discovered a palm sized video unit that runs on the latest OLED technology. Inspired, we thought of a brilliant idea: Why not incorporate the video unit into clothing?

"We decided to team up with the designers at Sean John to create a shawl collar fleece sweater with a windowed pouch on the sleeve. The Fashion Video Name Tag inserts into the pouch and offers continuous play of customized downloaded video content. Wearable electronics is the next big thing – it's a game changer. Just think of all the attention you'll get at the clubs!"