This is Mike from VladTV and I'm reporting on the Smack/URL Armageddon rap battle event that was supposed to go down today.  Due to complications with Webster Hall, Smack and the URL staff were forced to make a last minute location adjustment in order to ensure that the battles would take place as scheduled.  The Gramercy Theater was chosen as the replacement location; however, little did everyone know, things would turn sour at this venue as well.

Shortly after arriving at the event I spotted Dizaster with a few of his homies; he was warming up on the sidewalk for his pending battle with T-Rex.  Approaching the entrance to the venue, I came across the likes of Swave Sevah, J. Dose, JC, X-Factor, Cortez, Debo, Tay Roc, Money Bagz, and loads of other notable battle rap individuals all waiting to be let inside. As time went on, a huge line of eager fans formed going around the corner and up to the next avenue.  More hours passed, and while some people got in, many - and I mean MANY - were left out in the cold to wait.  

For one reason or another, there were complications with the staff working security at the Gramercy, a situation which delayed anyone waiting on line to be allowed inside.  As the temperature began to drop, things got miserable pretty quickly and cold rain began to fall onto the many loyal supporters willing to tough it out in order to see their favorite battlers perform live.  Sadly, however, for myself and at least one hundred others, we were never granted access to the venue.

Eventually, police began to swarm the area and they forced everyone away from the entrance doors.  While battle rap fans, and a number of actual battle rappers, were left out in the cold just waiting to be let in, the event continued on its own, with JC and Yung Ill putting on a great show; this according to word from a few lucky individuals who were able to make it inside of the venue when the battle took place.  However, once the battle was over, the police officially shut down the entire event from the outside and demanded that everyone vacate the premises.

According to reports from the inside, a fight almost broke out between Detroit rapper Calicoe and another individual for unknown reasons.  However, this altercation was not why the event shut down and it occurred after it was already announced that police were shutting down the show.  A large number of battle rappers have been tweeting about the failed event, spreading the word that another battle from the card - Conceited vs Tsu Surf - is supposed to go down tonight at a new venue in the LES. Unfortunately, there is as of yet no word on when or where the other battles, especially the main events, Dizaster vs T-Rex and Math Hoffa vs J. Dose 2, will go down.

Check out the tweets above from various battle rappers and battle rap enthusiasts to get the full updates on the cancelled Armageddon event.