In an interview with, Rev. Run explains how he became an advice guru, and also how he ended up collaborating with Tyrese for their upcoming book "Manology."

"I believe I had an anointing," Rev. Run told "I started out, obviously, with the rap group Run-DMC, and I started going to church and looking up to various pastors and being mentored by Bishop Jordan. And next thing you know, it just came across me that I started writing words of wisdom and saying 'em on the radio. After I put the television show [Run's House] on, with me giving words of wisdom at the end, Twitter came along, and it was like a perfect fit for me to put up words of wisdom."

He went on to explain the nature of his forthcoming book with Tyrese, and why they decided to go through with it.

"The book that I have coming, called 'Manology,' is for both men and women," explained Rev. Run. "It's me helping people to have a healthy relationship, a healthy marriage. I'm very excited about it. Tyrese called me some years ago. I didn't really know him, and I put up a word of wisdom and we got into a little argument. And I said, 'you know, we should do a book called, I Beg to Differ.' Then we just came up with a book called Manology, so that he can talk about what he knows about his relationships as a single man, and I can write what I know about my relationship with my wife and kids."