In 2009 after Chris Brown had beaten on his former, and now once again, girlfriend Rihanna, he was catching heat from L.A. Reid, the head of Def Jam.  Juelz Santana told MTV's RapFix Live during a recent interview that he received major pressure from Reid to drop Chris Brown from his "Back To the Crib" track following his assault on Rihanna.  However, Juelz claims that he made the decision to put Chris on the track prior to the beating, and wasn't going to turn his back on his homie.

"One thing L.A. Reid did though -- I am definitely gonna put that out there, he dropped the ball on my 'Back to the Crib' record.  They asked me to take Chris Brown off and put Trey Songz on the song.  I'm like, 'I can't do that. Chris is my homie.'  [Reid] definitely did that through issues that had to do with Rihanna and Chris Brown and the label situation.  It was weird because I told him that was the move I was makin' before I made it."