It was previously reported that Demetri and Donna Evans-Brown were suing Ludacris over a trademark dispute regarding his "Disturbing tha Peace" record label and their "Disturb The Peace" audio equipment business.  Well, now it looks as though Ludacris has filed his own counter-suit to battle their claims.  

TMZ has reported that Luda filed legal documents this month which claim that it is the Browns who are actually illegally using the phrase and confusing many customers into thinking that they are purchasing Ludacris-crafted or supported merchandise.  He's stated that he has owned the trademark for "Disturbing tha Peace" since 2003 and it was even the title of his 2003 album.  The Browns have claimed that they used the phrase to sell their products since 1988, although if they didn't trademark the title, then that will pose a problem for them.

Ludacris has requested that the judge order them to halt the usage of his DTP slogan ASAP and he is also suing for damages and attorney fees on top of that, which could really hurt their pockets.