The past week has been tough on the National Football League and even more so on the Kansas City Chiefs organization. The murder-suicide committed by Chiefs player Jovan Belcher continues to resonate throughout the sports world, but there's some good news, finally. It's been reported that the NFL will support Zoey, the 3-month-old daughter of Belcher and his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins, through college.

Based on the league's new collective bargaining agreement that was signed last year, Zoey's guardian or her estate will be given $108,000 until the age of 5. After that, she'll receive $48,000 a year and $52,000 a year until she's 18 or 23, depending on if she decides to attend college.

Jovan Belcher's mom, Cheryl Shepard, stated that her granddaughter Zoey is doing "fine". She hasn't spoken much about the incident and says that she hasn't eaten or slept regularly since the tragedy occurred. This past Wednesday, the Kansas City Chiefs attended a memorial for their fallen teammate.