Three months ago the media outlet, Pitchfork pulled a video interview they did with Chief Keef at a gun range off of their website after the shooting murder of rival Chicago rapper Lil Jo Jo hit the news.  The video in question may land Keef in some serious trouble since he is currently on probation.  According to the Chicago Tribune, the courts have ordered Pitchfork to hand over a copy of the uncut video to the prosecuting lawyers working Keef's probation violation case by Wednesday, December 12th.  

Pitchfork is arguing that the court demanding that they hand over the video is a direct violation of their First Amendment rights, being that they are a journalistic company.  Depending on what the uncut version of the video interview reveals to the prosecution, Keef could face jail time for handling firearms in the video, even if he was doing so at a gun range which is legal.