Earlier in the month, 50 Cent took some time to help feed those who were affected by Hurricane Sandy and the destruction it left behind. 50 even has his own organization dedicated to worldwide hunger, but says those involved in Hip Hop in general could have done a lot more to help those in need. In an interview with The Source, 50 stated that there were several ways in which the more fortunate could have helped with Sandy victims.

"Yeah man. I wish I saw a little more out of the actual, Hip-Hop, particularly," he said.

"Yeah, within New York, period," 50 responded when asked if he thought Hip Hop could have done more. "We got a lot of artists, aspiring artists, people that could of, you know, actually loaned their time at least, not in finances, be involved in the actual projects. You know, I promote my association within America. This is the largest domestic organization against hunger, and that's what kinda led me to the food bank. And you know, the food network being associated with it made it cool, but it still, you gotta be conscious of it."

"Hunger is not a third world issue, it's a world issue. We got a problem with Hurricane Sandy, and we got too much water, how ironic is that when they dying because they don't have any water in Africa."

Source: thesource.com