Rematches and rubber matches have been non-existent in Smack/URL, until now.  If there ever was a battle that needed a second match to finally lay to rest all the speculation of "who would've won," it's Math Hoffa vs J. Dose.

Everyone who follows battle rap knows how the first one turned out.  Whether the brim of Dose's hat touching Math's nose was the cause of the violence that erupted or not is beside the point.  The battle turned bloody in an instant after having only spit for two rounds, leaving fans in attendance and viewers all over the world scratching their heads wondering; if the fight hadn't had happened, who's bars would've gained the victory.

Months ago I did an interview with Math Hoffa at our VladTV offices.  He was reluctant to speak on the Dose fight at first, but thankfully he opened up about the subject in full detail, otherwise this rematch may not have even been put on the December 9th, Armageddon card.  During the interview, Math recapped everything that took place on camera as well as behind-the-scenes.  

After Dose got wind of my interview with Math, he responded by making a blog of his own, recalling the fight from his perspective with noticeable details being switched between the two versions of the story.  He then posted up a second blog, to which Math then responded to, and I eventually brought Dose in for an interview to explain his side.  

Both MC's are eager to step back into the battle ring on December 9th, and lay all of the doubts to rest regarding who will win when it comes down to pure bars.  For Math, this will be a chance to cast away the shadow that many people hang over his head; that he wouldn't be as well known or respected if he hadn't punched Dose.  For Dose, this is a chance to clear up his image and regain the respect of the many fans involved in battle rap, for after the Math fight occurred, Dose was rarely spotted on the battle scene again.

Will Math Hoffa come to the rematch with the same momentum he's been carrying in his past few battles with Marvwon and Arsonal, or will the large crowd of Webster Hall once again get the best of him?  Will J. Dose be able to come back strong enough with evolved bars that hit even harder than his renown "Click clack boom! Turn his dome to a stadium," line that many fans remember before the punches were thrown?

We'll find out on December 9th.  In the meantime, who do you think will win?