This picture was apparently taken in the back of a police car on the night that Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by George Zimmerman.  The photo was apparently released much earlier during the case against Zimmerman, however the previous picture was an unclear black and white version of the one that was released now.  It shows him with a swollen and bloody nose along with other small bruises on his forehead.  

As much blood as there is running down from his nose, you would think this would automatically help him in his defense case  against the 2nd degree murder charge hanging over his head.  However, that may not be the case as there are still questions that need to be answered and a bloody nose doesn't picture actually creates more questions than it does provide answers.

The problem with this is Zimmerman claims that he got into a heated fight with Trayvon and that he was laying on his back being beaten badly by Trayvon, which from the picture appears to have been the case.  But then again, there was no foreign DNA found on Martin's knuckles that would indicate that he beat Zimmerman the way that Zimmerman described.  If his nose really was bleeding this badly, then Trayvon would certainly have some blood on his hands somewhere. 

Also, Zimmerman stated that after he shot and kill Trayvon, he had to pull Trayvon's hands off of his shirt.  But according to the official police report, Trayvon was found with his hands resting under his stomach as he lay lifeless on the ground face down.  So you can see the issues here.

Were these wounds self-inflicted by Zimmerman after he shot and killed Martin in order to try and tie his story together?  Only time will tell.