Throughout his extensive career, 50 Cent has been involved in several rap beefs with a number of artists, and though he's pushing 10 years in the industry, he still finds himself having to address issues with these rappers. 50's latest rifts involve problems with French Montana and long time foe, Game. His lyrics on his most recent track, "My Life," insult both Game and former G-Unit member Young Buck. In a recent interview, 50 spoke about the track and how he feels about it affecting those whom it's aimed at.

"I really don't care," 50 responded when asked if he knew the track would upset others. "If you're writing about a confusing moment that you experienced do you not write it because it may confuse somebody else?"

50 then spoke more extensively about rap beef, saying that some rappers attempt to get at him in a negative manner so they can build publicity for themselves. He used Game as an example.

"That's always the case, and you get people being more excited, they think that it's an opportunity to do what's easy, to find someone who has more notoriety than you. Pick a fight and argue until people start to notice you. That's what they feel is the easy route. Every time people didn't pay attention to Game particularly, he said 'f-ck 50 Cent' loud enough to make them take a look at him."

What are your thoughts on 50 Cent's comments?