It hasn't been confirmed just yet, but apparently Jaden Smith, or at least someone who might've hacked into his Instagram account, went off on a hater for dissing one of his fans recently.  He used language that people wouldn't expect to come from the 14-year-old actor/singer's mouth, which is why people honestly do feel as though he might've had his account hacked for real.  

Apparently, a young girl dissed one of his female followers, who claims he stepped forward to defend her and lashed out at the hater.  

"Jaden was sticking up for me because someone was talking about me ... they said I was fat and ugly."

He went so hard using language that you might be used to hearing from a ratchet adult rather than the child of Will and Jada Smith.  An example of the profanity used on Jaden's account is as follows:

"B*tch a** n****, lil a** girl, stop hiding behind your Android stank p**** a** lil girl. The whole sea live in yo p****."

Do you think he really wrote that?