Katt Williams' wild and bizarre alter ego has returned once again, landing him in jail for terrorizing the public while intoxicated.  It seems as though Katt has developed a "Dr. Jekyell & Mr. Hyde" persona, and Mr Hyde loves to rear his ugly head when Katt is under the influence.

His most recent arrest happened on Sunday in Seattle after what people have been calling a "bar fight," although it really wasn't a bar fight at all.  According to TMZ, the police are saying that Katt "brandished a pool cue at a bar manager and refused to leave the business," and later followed a family outside of the establishment for some odd reason, then threw a cigarette at a woman and struck her in the eye as she got into her car.  He apparently threw a rock at her car as well.  

Katt was booked in the King County Jail for harassment, assault and obstructing people, and released early Monday morning, December 3rd.

Source: tmz.com