Back in 2006, Stephon Marbury had an affair with his then private chef turned mistress, and to ensure that she remain silent about their sexual exploits, Marbury agreed to pay her $900,000 to keep their affairs between them.  However, according to Marbury, who stopped giving her money in 2010 after he had already given her $600,000, she breached their confidentiality agreement when she publicly filed court documents that shed light on the details of their affair and so he is refusing to pay her the remaining $300,000.  

Marbury was married with kids at the time when they were together, and has stated that due to the fact that she didn't file the court documents under a private seal, she gave up her right to claim the rest of the money because she made their affair known to the public.  The judge, however, has yet to make a decision on the situation.