Rapper Kreayshawn is currently on the road for the all female Group Hug tour, and during a stop in Bloomington, Illinois recently, the tour bus carrying her and fellow rap artists Chippy Nonstop, Rye Rye, and Honey Cocaine caught on fire. The incident occurred this past Friday night, November 30th at around 7:15pm.

According to Kreayshawn, who tweeted about the incident, a "generator exploded", causing the bus to be set ablaze. No one was hurt during the inferno but Kreayshawn did note that some of her clothing was damaged from the flames.

Despite the delay, the artists did not have to cancel any shows and they ultimately received a new tour bus. Check out Kreayshawn's tweets detailing the events that took place above and let us know your thoughts on this incident.

Source: vibe.com