Mickey Factz stopped by our VladTV studios recently to share his insights on the Top 100 Rap Battles Of The Past Few Years list, that was recently crafted by me, Michael Hughes. He, like the majority of the battle community, either mistaken my list for being a "Top 100 Battles Of All Time" list, or simply weren't too fond of the list at all. Mickey spoke his mind freely during my interview with him, as he openly critiqued any and all issues that he had with certain battles that were placed on it, the order, etc. He also announced to the battle rap community that he is currently working on a Top 100 Battle list of his own, only his will be of "All-Time." Look out for that list to drop within a month hopefully.

I intended to create loads of controversy with the list I put together, and I encourage everyone who supports battle rap to come forward and critique it as much as possible, and if anyone feels up to the task, please feel free to construct your own list as Mickey Factz is currently doing now. Comment as much as you want, I welcome it, and if you want to get in touch with me directly, tweet me at @Hughes1128 I am open for discussion.