DJ Whoo Kid recently did an interview with HipHopNMore, and talked about the relationship, or lack thereof, between 50 Cent and Lloyd Banks. Whoo Kid essentially felt the tension we all felt, but assured us that as far as he knows, neither 50 or Banks have a real problem with each other.

"I mean I don't even know man, I tried to like talk to them. Fif says he hasn't heard from him, I don't know man. They're supposed to be cool, I don't think there are any major problems. From what I know, they're cool. They were all at Chris Lighty's funeral. You will hear it from him (50). He will give you the view points on Banks and the whole situation with the Unit. But from what I know, they're cool. But 50 will let you know and explains thew situation better."

Apparently, 50 will let us know.