Beef among rappers in Hip Hop has been alive and well in recent weeks and two of the most notable artists engaged in a current war of words are French Montana and 50 Cent. The Queens native is no stranger to beef with other rap artists, and he's recently stated that the Bad Boy artist couldn't compete with him on a musical level.

French, who is confident in his musical capabilities, strongly disagrees and took to Twitter to fire back at 50. He spoke of 50's latest track titled "My Life" and says that the song is an attempt to save his career, suggesting that 50 is washed up as an artist.

Montana even offered a bit of a challenge for 50. In one his tweets, he proposed that the two drop their new albums on the same day to see who sells the most units. He proceeded to call 50 Cent an "old man" to finish off that tweet.

50 has never been one to back down when someone calls him out, so a response from him may be imminent. Check out French's series of tweets above and let us know what you think of his comeback.