Russell Simmons was rumored to have been dating the 2011 Miss Universe Leila Lopes last year, but this year she's been tied to New York Giant football star Osi Umenyiora.  She was recently thrown a "Miss Universe Farewell" party at the Empire Steak House in NYC, and Osi was her date for the night.  

Russell Simmons did not attend the party, but he still sent her flowers out of respect for their past to wish her the best.  Russell intended for that to be a private little gift between them, but the fact that he sent her flowers somehow became news on Page Six - either by her spilling the beans or one of her reps sharing the details.  Regardless of who squealed, Russell Simmons wasn't happy about people dropping his business out in the public eye, so he fired back at Ms. Lopes on Twitter.

Russell kept his words pretty respectful, but you could tell he had a firm tone when he sent out his tweets advising her not to become an "attention whore" and to not stir up drama to make her man Osi jealous. 

Check out Russell's tweets above.