Maybe next time he'll cover his face.

45-year-old Marvin Webb of Girard, Kansas learned the hard way, that dressing up like Tyler Perry's Madea character isn't enough of a disguise in the real world to successfully rob a bank.  According to Memphis' News Channel 3, Mr. Webb entered the First Security Bank in Robinsonville on Thanksgiving wearing a woman's scarf, overcoat, and carrying a handbag, as he attempted to rob the bank.  He managed to successfully flee the bank after the deed was done, however thanks to the fact that Mr. Webb didn't think wisely and cover his face, surveillance footage allowed police to get a clear look at his identity.  

They dubbed his robbery and the investigation to find Mr. Webb as "Operation Madea" due to the resemblance he has to the famous Tyler Perry movie character.  Mr. Webb was ultimately apprehended in Crawford County and will be transferred to Tunica in the near future to face the music for the charges set against him .  He is also being connected to a robbery that occurred in a grocery store back on Halloween.