50 Cent came forward with some serious claims against French Montana recently during his interview with Big Boy on Power 106.  He detailed his own beef with French Montana and how French saying he is "the most important person in the Interscope building," is an insult to Interscope on its own.  50 then transitioned to revealing how back when he first caught beef with Rick Ross and DJ Khaled, he called up French Montana to dig up some dirt on Khaled for him.  

50 claims that French is the person who filmed DJ Khaled's mother at work asleep, and that he also filmed the outside of her house for intimidation factors during their beef.  When 50 asked for the tape, French handed it over to 50 willingly according to the story 50 told.

To see the video in question that 50 Cent claims French Montana gave to him back when he was beefing with DJ Khaled, check it out here.  If 50's story is true, it's interesting to see how French has become such good friends with Khaled after doing what 50 claims he did.