Ryan Leslie made the mistake of "promising" to fork over $1 million dollars to anyone who found his laptop in Germany after he lost in back in 2010.  Well, unfortunately for Ryan, he is going to have to stick with that promise and cough up the money, as a man named Armin Augstein found Ryan's laptop, and ended up taking him to court over the matter.  Mr. Augstein is suing Ryan in order to make sure that he pays over the $1 million dollars as promised, and according to the New York Post and a statement from Augstein, it looks like Leslie will have to give up the money.

Mr. Augstein said in a statement to the New York Post on the jury's verdict, "I'm very happy . . . that the American judicial system, which is so totally different from ours, functioned so well with a jury that are not professionals and are laymen."  

He sounds a bit cocky, but then again how would you feel if you just won a $1 million dollar lawsuit?

Ryan Leslie tweeted about the whole ordeal.  Peep his tweets above. 

Source: thesource.com