50 Cent has matured in the music industry from his past aggressive "ready for beef" mentality and attitude.  He used to engage in altercations with fellow artists all the time - from Ja Rule and Fat Joe, to his former G-Unit partners Game and Young Buck.  But even while he was involved in all of those beefs, he still never relied on beef to bring a rise to his popularity - he let his hit records do that for him.  

"Beef doesn't actually sell records.  It creates that barbershop, beauty salon conversation. Hit records sell records. In the Ja Rule situation, I'm releasing 'In Da Club,' 'P.I.M.P.,' '21 Questions,' big hit records. Then on The Massacre, there's 'Candy Shop' and 'Just A Little Bit', records that are working while 'Piggy Bank' is playing. I'm actually addressing my issues because I see what's going on in the culture."

Source: hiphopblog.com