While performing a show in Oakland Wednesday night, Joe Budden became irritated by a tweet from a fan at the show which read, "I wish this picture really captured how dead it is in here at this Joe Budden concert." The tweet was accompanied by a picture of the club, which did look admittedly dead. But, Budden did not take the jab lightly, at all. He reportedly found her himself and kicked her and her friend out of the show.

The girl, who goes by "Paige S" on Twitter, caused Joe Budden to trend worldwide with her series of tweets. Of course, most of the tweets pertaining to Budden were in cruel jest. One tweet reads, "You can fit a Joe Budden audience in Kendrick Lamar's van b."

Joe Budden is undoubtedly a talented rapper, but he can't seem to catch a break from social media. If there's one lesson here, don't give Twitter a reason to clown on you. 

Check out Tweets from Paige S and the full Twitter reaction above.