Hip Hop veterans Nas and Lauryn Hill have had a storied history together as they came up in the rap game during the same period of time. Their classic "IF I Ruled The World" collaboration will forever connect them, and now the two are currently on the road together for the "Life Is Good/Black Rage" tour. 

Nas recently spoke about what it feels like to be paired with Hill once again, especially during a music tour. 

"I couldn't ask being on tour with a more talented artist, she's someone we don't see tour too much in the states," Nas said. "I don't think she's toured like this in 15 years, if I'm not mistaken. It's a big deal for me and to be a part of it is something I'll always remember and the fans and the people out there get a great show."

The Queensbridge rapper continued, saying that while other tours he's been a part of were amazing, there's nothing like touring with someone like Lauryn Hill, who has been around Hip Hop for as long as she has.

"Other tours are great, I get to work with all kinds of artists, this is different because of the back history of knowing Lauryn since the early 1990's when we were both labelmates and going to promo tours together, her, the Fugees and me to the point of establishing our names and then touring again. Now, she's become something else. She's evolved."

Source: sohh.com