Wendy Williams' shoeline "Adorn," has stirred up some major conflicts in China after she and her husband Kevin Hunter failed to pay their $419,000 bill for the manufacturing and delivery of 12,140 pairs of shoes.  They contracted the Chinese firm Max Harvest International Holdings to deliver the thousands of shoes but when they failed to make the payment, all out revolts began in China.  

The workers hired by Max Harvest to create the shoes have protested Williams' failure to pay them for their work and took matters into their own hands as they held up banners with Wendy William's name on it that read, "Pay us now."  According to the Daily News, they went so far as to kidnap the owner of the shoe plant, "The kidnappers held the man for two weeks before releasing him shaken but unharmed."

The Hong Kong couple who own Max Harvest International Holdings intend to sue Wendy Williams in the Manhattan Supreme-Court if she continues to neglect paying her bill.  

Source: thegrio.com